Our Mission:

Global Site Solutions Inc., endeavours to provide products that are essential solutions in sustaining a quality of life, while creating a better world environment for all.

Portable Buildings:

Aluminum I-Beam Tension Membrane Structures, are robustly designed for all climatic conditions, versatile for many applications, which also reduce construction time lines, and cost’s, while maintaining the flexibility for re-location if ever required.  Typical applications include but are not limited to:

  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hotel Banquette Facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Post Disaster Response Shelters

Potable Water Production:

Water from Air Generators, produce potable water (Pharmaceutical Grade Included), meeting World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality, by extracting water directly from humid air, with the added benefit of reducing energy consumption, with it’s energy bi-product contributors in the form of cool air and hot water.
Capacities range from 10 GPD – 2,400 GPD (38 Litres – 10,000 Litres)

Desalination Systems:

Available for larger potable water production requirements.

Waste to Energy Systems:

Auto Gasification Systems are designed to treat waste from Hotels & Resorts, Marinas and Hospitals, (paper, plastics, food, wood oil and bio-medical waste), where the waste provides the energy to operate the machine, which also produces thermal energy, reducing overall operational cost’s.  Systems have a compact foot print, where the bi-product is Bio-Char, which is a soil addendum.