Sports & Recreational Facilities

Vancouver BC, Sports & Recreation Facilities 2014

Canadian Cities & Municipalities as well as Caribbean Islands Nations are finding solutions in utilizing our pre-engineered portable buildings for School Gymnasiums, Basketball and Multiplex Facilities.

Ideal for City, Schools, Municipalities and Sporting Associations with applications such as:

  • Basketball Facilities
  • Tennis Facilities
  • Badminton Courts
  • Hockey Areans
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures & Aquatic Centres
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Football/Soccer

Our pre-engineered buildings are inviting, quick to assemble, reliable, durable, re-locatable and designed for extreme climatic conditions such as Hurricane Force Winds expected in the Caribbean Region and Cyclones of the South Pacific.


  • 30’ – 200’ (9.4m-60.9m) Clear Span Width at any length
  • Permanent or re-locatable
  • Energy Efficient Insulation Packages
  • Colour Choices for Architectural Membrane
  • Limited Foundation
  • Aluminum Substructure – 30 Year pro-rata guarantee
  • Architectural Membrane – 20 Year pro-rata guarantee
  • Quick Assembly
  • Available from Inventory

Recent projects include:

  • 60’ Wide x 90’ Long facility as a solution to the ever expanding requirements for recreational indoor space at a Vancouver School.
  • 60’ Wide x 90’ Long fully Insulated semi-permanent, re-locatable structure, to provide an interim Gymnasium space during seismic upgrades of existing concrete facilities.  The building will be re-located to a new school site, for on going seismic upgrades.
  • 120’ Wide x 195’ Long La Crosse / Multiplex Facility installed October 2014, Coquitlam British Columbia

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